“Never, ever walk into an interview not knowing the company, its products, its problems, its opportunities and its competitors. Again, the answers are out there.

Dig up enough facts to help you talk intelligently to your potential employer. Failure to do so will mark you as a half-hearted candidate … and you will lose out to other, better-prepared job seekers. Every time.

– Kevin Dolin, author of “The Last Guide to Cover Letter & Resume Writing You’ll Ever Need”

As per the quote above, the importance of preparing for an interview cannot be underestimated. You should carry out comprehensive research on the organisation in order to equip you with quality information that will enable you to demonstrate firstly that you have a genuine interest in the organisation but also and very importantly that you can add value to it by giving examples of how your personality profile, skill set and achievements to date can benefit the organisation.

Before your interview, you should absolutely know the following

  • How old is the company?
  • What are this organisation’s products and/or services?
  • Have they been profitable over the past few years?
  • Have there been any major wins or acquisitions lately?
  • Have they been hiring/firing employees recently?
  • What direction has the organisation taken within the past one to two years, and what might be expected in the near future?
  • If you will be working in a division of the organisation, what is the role of that division, and how does it relate to the parent organisation?

Plans for the Future

  • Will they be launching new Products/Services?
  • Do they have expansion plans?

Obvious sources of information to assist you in your research are the Company’s website and any related press releases or articles. Be sure to look at external sources such as Google etc. where you could find third party articles, blog posts etc.