• Dressing appropriately and personal grooming for interview are both very important factors in the process.
  • Don’t go out the night before! The smell of alcohol coming from a candidate is almost certainly going to ruin their chances of being hired, no matter how talented they are.
  • Don’t smoke just before your interview. The smell lingers and feedback from Clients tells us it is a real turn-off.
  • Don’t douse yourself in cologne or perfume. A subtle scent is perfect.
  • Do take a tissue to wipe your hands. Nerves can get the better of the best of us in an interview situation and sweaty palms don’t impress on the initial handshake.
  • Do wear a suit. Conventional and corporate is the safest option. Team this with a co-ordinating shirt/blouse and a tie for men. If the company has adopted a “Smart Casual” dress code, you can get tips on achieving this look successfully by clicking here
  • Do wear appropriate footwear, men should wear shoes, not runners or boots and ladies should ensure if they are wearing heels that they are of average height.
  • Super-high heels are for the nightclub not the boardroom. Remember to polish your shoes and ladies pack and extra pair of tights in case of a ladder!
  • Do remove all piercings and cover tattoos. Everyone is entitled to their individuality but if you are interviewing for a corporate client facing role or an office based position you need to adhere to corporate dress code.
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