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In Demand in 2011 – No 1. Sales people.

The second half of 2010 has seen a positive upswing in the number of Marketing and Sales vacancies arriving on the desks at  A defintie pattern is evolving for the “type” of candidate companies need.  It’s hardly suprising a large number of these roles have arisen in the Digital Field but Sales is still very […]


Here twitter twitter…

TWITTER IS CURRENTLY trying to decide whether it should base its European operations in Dublin or London when it expands its presence in the continent next year, it is reported. The Guardian claims that the firm – which is currently sizing up its options for a European base – is trying to finalise a decision […]


Small change?

At RightFit we were looking forward to playing Monopoly this Christmas.  Alas, this year round it may feel eerily familiar.  Loosing your property and witnessing the bankers skip jail may be enough to turn us off our Quality Streets.  Throwing a dice with your hard earned cash is no longer an option. It is important […]