RTÉ to pay polling firm Red C €267,000 to gauge audience reaction to its output


“RTE is to pay a polling firm over €266,988 over three years to research the public’s attitude towards its many services.

Yesterday, the national broadcaster confirmed that Dublin firm Red C has beaten off competition from four other firms to secure the work.

Red C won the work with a tender at the lower end of the scale between €266,988 and €504,330 and RTE stated yesterday “consistent with RTÉ’s commitment to delivering the best possible value, cost was a considerable factor in RTÉ’s decision” in awarding the work. The spokesman said: “As a result of this public tendered process, RTÉ has found a high-quality solution at the lower end of the value scale.”

At the outset, RTE reported that the estimated cost of the contract would be around €300,000. The work for the contract commenced in January. According to RTÉ, the Red C contract involves the research, understanding and monitoring of the Irish public’s consumption of, and attitudes and sentiment towards RTÉ’s full range of services, across television, radio, online and mobile. This includes RTÉ’s Orchestras, Quartets and Choirs.

An RTÉ spokesman said: “This research represents one of the important tools employed by RTÉ to assess the extent to which we are meeting the changing needs of our audiences across all of our services.”

This is an excerpt taken from the Irish Independent and written by Gordon Deegan. It can be read in full here.

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