RTÉ to pay out €25m to cut 100 jobs – Sarah Slater


The first round of voluntary redundancy offers at RTÉ is expected in August.

The latest round of cuts will cost at least €25m in severance pay. Current employees, most of whom are the last remaining permanent staff, will be given up to eight weeks to consider the package.

RTÉ sources say that up to 100 employees will be targeted in the first-round offers, which will take place over two years.

A minimum of 200 voluntary redundancies – or 10pc of staff – is needed for a restructuring bid, in order to cut crippling costs and improve broadcast technologies.

“It’s expected that a lot of decisions regarding staff and physical changes around the Montrose campus will be made by October this year,” the source added.

The package this time around is primarily geared to employees over 55 years of age, but if not enough apply then the offer will be broadened out to others.

A spokesperson for the organisation said: “RTÉ has not announced any details of the voluntary exit programme as of yet.”

Source ; Irish Independent

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