How to Battle High Staff Turnover


If you’re finding that you’re spending a lot of your time writing up job adverts, filling in paperwork and handing out P45s – then you may think you have a problem with staff retention. High staff turnover isn’t always a bad thing – injecting some new blood into the company can bring fresh ideas and energy to the group of staff that you have. However, when this is ongoing, it can feel unsettling for your existing staff and for yourself. Not only does it take up your time and money looking for new people, but it can make you think your staff aren’t happy – which is never a good thing. Unhappy workforces lead to poor work output, and poor work output means a bad business overall. So, here’s a few ideas on how you can lower you staff turnover rate:

Look at the root of the problem

When a member of staff leaves, have an honest conversation with them about why they are going. According to Insperity, there are 4 main reasons staff will leave: better pay elsewhere, they’re not engaged in the work, they’re bored or they’re poorly managed. They say that, “Generally, if the work relationships are positive and motivating, employees will accept average wages and mundane or even highly stressful work. Without that relationship element, employees will have a wandering eye.” So, how are your relationships looking? Do you have an open door policy? Can staff talk to you if they have a problem? Are you around enough? Are you too strict? Are you too slack?

Offer employee perks

It is important that you reward your staff for positive work outputs. Consider sending personalised thank you emails to staff that have gone above and beyond their workload to meet a deadline. What about buying in pizza if staff are working late? Better yet, what about regularly buying fresh fruit in so that staff can feel valued and rewarded with a healthy snack? Fruitful Office offer a fruit basket delivery service and they say that their customers see a good staff-manager relationship since the introduction of fruit in the workplace. They also say that 81% of staff thought having fresh fruit available at their desk had “improved their quality of life at work.”

Make sure staff has the right tools

Staff might be getting restless because they don’t have everything they need to complete their job effectively. Ask staff what they need to get their work done – if they need new computers, or updated software, or a scanner, a new printer, better lighting, a new desk – consider all these options. Obviously you don’t have to invest in everything they ask for, but consider the most important points as a starter and you could really see your staff motivational levels improve. Motivated staff means loyal staff, and hopefully, that means a lower turnover of staff for you.

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