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Five tips for reporting to a workaholic boss

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Five tips for reporting to a workaholic boss Some people can’t get enough of work, staying late and checking emails after midnight. If your manager keeps this type of schedule, how do you set the right expectations and boundaries? Nancy Rothbard, a management professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, recommends thinking about what […]


RTÉ to conduct internal review of gender equality

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RTÉ is to conduct a review of “role and gender equality” across the organisation following recent controversy over pay gaps. The BBC was last week forced to disclose the salaries of its top presenters as part of its new royal charter agreement with the UK government. Of the 96 names published on Wednesday, only 34 were […]


Interview for emotional intelligence


EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Experts agree that emotional intelligence should be an important consideration when hiring new employees. Daniel Goleman, one of the most passionate promoters of the importance of EI /EQ, divides emotional intelligence into four domains: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness (sometimes categorized as empathy), and relationship management. So how can you evaluate prospective hires for emotional intelligence? Pre-hire […]


How to Avoid Confirmation Bias at Work


Avoiding confirmation bias starts with paying attention to how you interact with information. By Daniel Goleman | June 27, 2017  Where do you get information about the issues you care about? Do your most common sources confirm or challenge your perspective? How much time do you spend listening to or reading opposing points of view? When you […]



In a landmark study from the Harvard Business Review, Daniel Goleman’s “Leadership That Gets Results” outlines the most successful leadership styles in business. Through an analysis of more than 3,000 mid-level managers, the three-year study determined that a manager’s leadership style accounts for 30 percent of the company’s bottom-line profitability.   The study also found […]


RTÉ to pay out €25m to cut 100 jobs – Sarah Slater


The first round of voluntary redundancy offers at RTÉ is expected in August. The latest round of cuts will cost at least €25m in severance pay. Current employees, most of whom are the last remaining permanent staff, will be given up to eight weeks to consider the package. RTÉ sources say that up to 100 […]


On Adword IPG Mediabrands Launches New Social Media Agency in Ireland


Irish advertisers are investing more of their budgets in social media – €50.8m in 2016 up 133% from €22.1m 2015- according to IPG Mediabrands which this week launched a new social media agency in Dublin called Mediabrands Society. “However, it’s becoming an increasingly complex space for brands. Quite apart from the main platforms of Facebook, […]


Professional job vacancies surge amid Brexit and GDPR worries


Interesting article on Silicon Republic by Gordon Hunt today … The number of professional job vacancies has risen significantly in recent months, though the lack of available workers exaggerates this further. According to a new report, between March and April, professional job vacancies in Ireland grew by 7pc, with an added strain on the jobs […]