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A Guide to Mindfulness at Work


Distractions, distractions, distractions. In the 21st century office, we are surrounded by them. Smart phone ringing, email pinging, tweets calling for our attention. For most of us, it’s near impossible to stay focused; we are in what is known as ‘continuous partial attention’. Our mind is rarely focused on one task, or one person, at any one […]


A smart approach to changing career

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With the experience of your first career, you should know what you enjoy and what you could learn to do As we move through life, we inevitably close doors that cannot be reopened. But some of these doors aren’t locked; the challenge is recognising which ones we have a key for. This is the case with […]


Managing stress in a job interview

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Most people say that interviewing for a job is an overwhelmingly stressful experience. Fortunately, you can come to terms with it by understanding that a certain amount of stress can actually help you ace the interview and that there are some effective responses you can use to keep your stress levels down. Because a job interview isn’t […]


The Right CV


How your CV is put together says a lot about you to a prospective employer. At we encounter numerous CV’s every day. Some are well put together; some require work and some are plain awful! No matter how good you are in person it is important that you also impress on paper. A shoddy […]


Recruitment driven by gut feeling not analytics.


Seventy per cent of employers invest in “leadership development” for employees with less than five years’ experience and generally believe they have effective plans in place to mould future potential. Irish employers continue to use “gut feeling” to hire people over more reliable methodologies, a survey of leaders has found. The Talent Leader Pulse Survey […]


Do more by taking on less

Do Less

The best way to break out of the vicious cycle of over commitment and under performance is to very carefully manage what you agree to do.   Every time you commit to something new, you not only commit to doing the work itself, but also to remembering to do the work, dealing with the administrative […]


Resisting Organisational Change


Workers who challenge change can offer insights into organisations’ operations One of the factors most likely to derail a company’s plans for change is employee resistance: employees may resist the unknown, being dictated to, or management ideas that do not seem feasible. New-year resolutions almost always fail because people run out of willpower long before […]


Electric Media rebrands to

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Electric Media, the digital sales house that was set up 10 years ago, is to rebrand as Packed.House as it embarks on a new business model that will see it develop new platforms and service offerings for clients and agencies. The new business is headed up by Richie Kelly, the former founder and CEO of […]


What are employee rights on a snow day?

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Employers are not obliged to pay staff when they do not show up for work and there are already reports that some have threatened disciplinary action if they do not come in.  According to employment law professionals, employers are not legally obliged to pay staff that do not turn up to work, even in cases […]


Moody Boss ? here’s how to deal…

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Have a moody boss? Here are six ways to deal with it As difficult as it might be, do not take their outbursts personally and stay calm You can’t figure out your boss. Sometimes s/he’s chummy and personable; other times s/he belittles you in front of the team. How do you handle a manager who […]